Our incredible LOV staff ready to welcome you to our new school! 08.01.2017 5 Days but  Who’s Counting?!   We are so excited to welcome you into our new building! As I’ve walked the halls this week I’m reminded that the building is only a representation of the learning and relationships that will grow in the coming
  07.10.2017 A Note from our Oro Valley Principal 29 Days but  Who’s Counting?! This coming week is a busy week for us! Three events for any and/or all of you to attend and a very busy construction site! Each Friday, I receive the construction update from Canyon Builders with their schedule and all sorts of interesting info. I
  06.30.2017 A Note from our Oro Valley Principal 36 Days but  Who’s Counting?! Leman Academy of Excellence, Oro Valley has a new acronym coined by one of our parents and again by one of our teachers. LOV!!! It’s fitting as we are coming together with such excitement to form this new community all for the express purpose of providing
  06.17.2017 A Note from our Oro Valley Principal 51 Days but  Who’s Counting?! 51 DAYS!!! Yes, 51 days until your scholar walks through the doors of Leman Academy, Oro Valley for the first time! A lot happens in 51 days! Your scholar will have vacations, summer camps, back to school shopping and make a lot of memories in these next
05.27.2017 A Note from our Oro Valley Principal   Dear families, Summer is here! I hope you are enjoying time away and making sweet memories with your family! Before you know it, school will be starting once again so squeeze as much adventure in as you can! Wow! It was wonderful to meet so many
A Note from our Oro Valley Principal Dear families, The end of the school year 2016 – 2017 is upon us and our sights are on opening Leman Academy of Excellence, Oro Valley in August! If you’ve recently driven by the site, you’ll know construction is really moving along and changing every day! Word from
Head of Schools, Dennis O’Reilly, visited the site and is thrilled with the progress! 05.01.2017 A Note from our Oro Valley Principal   Dear families, So much is happening so quickly! The last of the interior concrete has been poured, the HVAC duct work and units are being installed, dry wall on interior walls, electricity

The Royal Review

Leman Academy of Excellence, Inc. Growth and Updates As part of our Leman Academy of Excellence Family we want to take a moment to share the exciting growth we are experiencing this coming school year. You are a part of this! It is because of your commitment to us that we are able to offer
Dear Families, Wow! Construction is moving quickly! Each day the site looks like a whole new place. This week the project manager from Canyon Building & Design sent the update on the construction site. It was music to my ears when I read these four words in his report, ON SCHEDULE, ON BUDGET! Canyon is telling us
Dear Families, As this school year comes to a close we are working diligently in all of the preparations for the opening of our Oro Valley school. We have hired an incredible group of teachers, ordered furniture and curricula and the construction is on schedule! Below are a few important dates of upcoming events. Parent Mixer: Friday,