On Mr. David Towne's Birthday allow me to share a special video that highlights why he's such a special addition to our team. Now first, I'll brag on David a bit. You may or may not know this but he was Arizona's teacher of the year in 1999 and that he's nationally recognized Classical Education speaker, or that he's been a Principal for years. He's a Dad of four and a coach. He's finally a Grandpa as of last week with his second on the way. I'm sure you know him as a teachers teacher. David is someone who has walked in your shoes. David is someone who deeply cares about each of you and about our scholars. Without a doubt, the part I appreciate about David is that he's always got an up beat and encouraging attitude. I put together this little clip of David as traffic guard. This is a story of how he took a menial task that could be viewed as beneath him and made it special. David helps remind me that my attitude is 100% in my control and by serving others all my problems suddenly seem to not be such a big deal.


I've been stumbling upon a series of articles and stories about the role of gratitude and grace in people's lives. Here's a podcast I listen to on the science of taking a moment and being grateful for the big an little things. My first born nature appreciates the facts and studies referenced by super smart people that scientifically prove how GRATITUDE can change your life.No matter what your birth order, this half hour interview will hopefully cause you to pause a moment and think about some parts of your life to be grateful for. I'm grateful that a world of opportunities have opened up for Leman Academy over these last few years. I'm grateful for all the people that have come together to make something truly special. I'm grateful to be surrounded by professionals that where called to the field of education because they can make an impact on one child, one family, on community and eventually the entire world.