A scholar’s clothing at Leman Academy of Excellence must be of such a nature that it is not disruptive to the educational atmosphere of the classroom, distracting to other scholars, and adheres to standards of modesty and good taste. The expectations and standards for the dress and appearance of Leman Academy scholars are geared toward promoting a positive, productive and safe academic and social environment. Scholars of Leman Academy are expected to dress in a manner that demonstrates respect for themselves and others within our school’s learning environment. Clothing should be modest, neat, clean and in good repair.

It is our belief that the responsibility for compliance with the K-8 scholars’ dress and appearance belongs to both parents and scholars. Parents, please be aware of what your child is planning to wear as he/she leaves for school. In all matters of dress and/or personal appearance, the administration of Leman Academy is the final authority on what is appropriate or not appropriate for scholars to wear at school. The administrative team reserves the right to ask scholars to change their clothing if their clothing is considered inappropriate.

IMPORTANT: Leman Academy Dress Code is applicable all through the school year up to and including 8th Grade Commencement. Please see administration if you have any questions pertaining to the Dress Code. Thank you for your partnership.

Standardized Dress Code Guidelines

You may mix and match from the items on the dress code guidelines list below.


Pants – Cargo Pants- Capris - Shorts - Skirts - Skorts
Approved Colors: Solid Brown, Khaki, Navy, Black, Tan, Olive or Grey
Please see below for full details


Short/Long Sleeve Polo Shirts - Sweaters - Sweatshirts
Approved Colors: Any SOLID Color
Please see below for full details



Short/Long Sleeve Polo Dresses or Uniform Jumpers
Approved Colors: Any SOLID Color
Please see below for full details  


If you have any questions about an item or the dress requirements please contact the main office prior to purchase.  We appreciate your support and look forward to partnering with you regarding the dress code of Leman Academy of Excellence.

NOTE: Scholars are not permitted to wear jeans except on Fridays for Free Dress Day.


  • Modesty is the basic rule for all clothing. By all accounts, clothing must be modestly loose, covering midriff and all undergarments.
  • Camisoles and/or undergarments may not be visible at any time.
  • Scholars DO NOT have to keep their shirt tucked in through the school day.
  • Any print or solid leggings are allowed for young ladies under their skorts, skirts or shorts. Leggings alone are not permitted- except on Fridays with a shirt or top at least fingertip length that covers 360°.
  • Hats, caps and/or sunglasses may not be worn inside the classroom. Also, caps may not be worn on school grounds sideways or backwards. NOTE: Exceptions for specific headwear may be made by administration on a case-by-case basis.
  • Shoes worn by our scholars must be attached at the back of the feet for safety reasons. Flip flops are NOT permitted on any day.
  • The administrative team reserves the right to ask scholars to change their clothing and/or shoes if their clothing or shoes are considered inappropriate or unsafe.

Dress Code For All Scholars

POLO SHIRT: Scholars are permitted to wear any solid-color short sleeve or long sleeve polo shirt with a collar. Shirts DO NOT need to be tucked in. Polo shirts with the Leman Academy logo are acceptable.

SHORTS/SKIRTS: Scholars are permitted to wear any traditional uniform style shorts, worn at the waistline, with or without pleats. NOTE: Short shorts are NOT PERMITTED. Best way to check for length of shorts: When your child places their hands at their sides, then their shorts should be at least where their fingertips are when standing.

PANTS: Scholars are permitted to wear any traditional uniform style pants, with or without pleats, worn at the waistline as well as any traditional style Cargo pants, worn at the waistline.

JUMPERS:Jumpers must include a polo shirt underneath or be worn with a collar

SWEATERS: Scholars are permitted to wear sweaters that are pullover, button-up or zipper front style over a dress code shirt (viz., polo shirt); V-neck sweater vest (sleeveless) is permitted… this also needs to be worn over a dress code shirt. Sweaters and Sweatshirts must be one solid color. Sweaters are not to be worn with any inappropriate image and/or offensive language. Sweaters or Sweatshirts with hoods or designs may be worn outside only.

SWEATSHIRTS: Scholars are permitted to wear sweatshirts that are pullover, button or zipper front style over a dress code shirt (viz., polo shirt). Sweatshirts must be plain and one solid color. Sweatshirts are not to be worn with any inappropriate image and/or offensive language.

HOODIES: Your partnership is greatly appreciated for the following: Any sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket that has a hood can be worn by scholars when outside. Scholars must remove any sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket with a hood when entering the building.

OUTDOOR WEAR:Scholars are permitted to wear outdoor coats and jackets with patterns and designs as long as they remain without inappropriate language or images on them. They shall be removed upon entering the classrooms.

SOCKS: Scholars are permitted to wear socks of their choosing as long as the socks do not offend or have any unwholesome messaging. Solid, bright colors and patterns are acceptable. Socks must be suitable for the scholars’ activities during the school day.

SHOES: Shoes must be worn at all times. Scholars are permitted to wear athletic or dress/leather shoes worn with socks. Sandals (that adhere securely at the heel) are also permitted with or without socks.
NO "flip-flops", clogs (including crocs), slides, slippers, cleats or "rollers" may be worn to school.

HAIR/EARRINGS/OUTERWEAR: Hair should be neatly styled and may be any natural color. Hair bows, barrettes, headbands and “scrunchies” are permitted so long as they are not a distraction. NOTE: No hair color, cut or hairstyle, earrings/jewelry, extreme make-up, or outerwear will be permitted that may be a distraction to the learning environment.

SKIRT/SKORT/DRESSES/SHORTS: The inseam needs to be at least a five-inch inseam; length should be at least fingertip length.

PANTS: Girls may also wear cotton twill traditional uniform style capri pants, as well as any traditional uniform style stretch twill pants with pockets.

BLOUSE: Scholars are permitted to wear a round or pointed collar blouse with a button up front (no snaps). Blouses must be made of material that is not sheer. No visible camisole is permitted underneath.
NOTE: Girls are not permitted to wear heels, short shorts, or fishnet stockings.

P.E. Skirts and dresses may not be worn to P.E. class. Leggings or pants can be worn under skirts or dresses on P.E. days.

Friday Free Dress Day Guidelines

Scholars are permitted to wear their favorite T-Shirt with traditional blue jeans, cargo pants, shorts, including athletic shorts. NOTE: Scholars may wear a polo shirt on Fridays if they desire.

  • Shirt must fall over the pants’ waistband and not show skin when you raise your arms.
  • Shirts must have regulation length sleeves (i.e. - no tank tops, no sleeveless shirts, no spaghetti strap shirts, etc.).
  • No sheer materials allowed.
  • If there is a message on your shirt it must be appropriate for the learning environment of Leman Academy (ex: College/University, sports team, etc.).
  • Pants must not have holes or fit extremely tight. All pants, jeans, and shorts must be properly hemmed and be free from holes and rips. No “low-rider” jeans will be allowed. Jeans should fit our young people properly and appropriately.
  • Warm-up pants, athletic shorts or basketball shorts are allowed on Fridays.
  • Leggings are permitted on Fridays with an appropriate top that is fingertip length and covers 360°.
  • No spandex or skin-tight clothing.
  • No halter-tops or crop tops are permitted on Fridays.

We would like to ask and certainly do appreciate each of our parents dressing appropriately when they come to school functions or volunteer their services at the school. Thank you for partnering with us in this area as well.