Leman Academy Video Contest

How has Leman Academy changed your family?

Do your kids come home excited from school?
Has your dinner table conversations been about the history topic covered in school?
Has your child changed their outlook on school?

Put together a 1+ minute video of how Leman Academy has impacted your kids and your family and email the YouTube or Vimeo link or video file (under 20MG) to JHiggins@lemanacademy.org.


The contest winner will be invited to a VIP private lunch with Dr. Leman at his favorites spot, Chilis!
2nd Place Winner will receive an autographed copy of The Birth Order Book and
3rd Place will receive a signed copy of Dr. Leman's newest book due out in the fall.

Be creative and have fun. Include your kids, act out a scene, share your child art work and have some fun. Make it a big production or just pull out your cell phone and record a quick message, all entries are welcomed. Contest ends June 15th, 2017.

All entries will be used to help tell the Leman Academy story to current and future families. Your story will be shared with our community and to families in Arizona and beyond who are interested in joining Leman Academy of Excellence.

Thanks for being a part of our community and thanks for your feedback.

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