Virtual Academy FAQs

  • There are no registration or tuition fees. Leman Virtual Academy is a tuition free, public charter school. The only cost associated with Leman Virtual Academy is the cost for the technology, which families are responsible for, and the cost for the novels, which Leman Virtual Academy does not provide.
  • No. Leman Virtual Academy follows the same curriculum map as the rest of the brick and mortar schools do within the district. Scholars are assigned work on a weekly basis to complete. However, they do have the flexibility within the week to complete assignments.

Leman Virtual Academy is a Public Virtual Charter School which means that we are held accountable by the state for attendance, curriculum, and state testing (AzMERIT’s and AIMS). Being a Virtual Academy gives families the opportunity to access our classical model of education in a virtual setting. We make allowances for individualized flexible schedules, yet hold scholars and families accountable to our rigorous curriculum. In addition to providing curriculum and oversight, our Leman Virtual Academy teaching staff will work with families in both grade-level and also in an individual virtual setting; our teachers are responsible for planning, assigning work, and assessing scholar growth.

Yes. In the spring, scholars in grades 3-8 will take the AzMERIT exams in English and Math. Scholars in grades 4 and 8 will take the AIMS Science exam. These exams will be offered on our brick-and-mortar campuses and in several other locations throughout the state.

NWEA Benchmark Assessments
Scholars will also participate in NWEA Benchmark assessments online three times each year. These assessments are used to monitor growth, and provide valuable feedback to our teachers. These assessments do not count as grades in a gradebook, but are rather used to help teachers plan more effective lessons.

We utilize a Learning Management System (LMS) called Schoology. This virtual classroom provides a secure place for scholars to interact with each other in their grade, and with the teacher. Assignments will be posted, turned in, and graded all within Schoology.

Both parents and scholars will receive an account for Schoology. From the parent login, parents will be able to see assignments, conversations, and grades for their own scholars only. All interactions from other scholars in the class will be marked as anonymous to protect each scholar’s privacy.

If you are ready to enroll, you will first need to set up a Parent Vue Account, and complete the online enrollment here:

You will need to provide us with a copy of a parent id, birth certificate, proof of residency, and an immunization record.

After the online enrollment is completed our registrar will contact with additional directions. Please make sure to submit any documents within 7 days of your online enrollment.

Leman Virtual Academy has open enrollment year-round. Enrollment for the current school year will be closed from April through May.

There is not currently a waitlist for the 2021-2022 school year.

Hours depend on grade and Full Time Equivalency percentage (FTE Contract). The hours listed on the FTE Contract are estimated minimums, and most scholars exceed those hours.

  • Several times a week, teachers have a live class online with their scholars. During this time, teachers give instruction on the concepts for the week, lead discussions, and give time for questions. If scholars need additional one on one time, they may sign up for Scholar Hours with their teacher.
  • The enrollment process begins with creating a Parent Vue Account which will walk you through enrollment, including which documents can be scanned, and which need to be mailed or dropped off on campus. See link below.
  • Within 2 school days after enrollment has been completed, the email account used to sign up in Parent Vue will receive an email with further instructions about logging into our digital programs: including access to your new Leman Email accounts (one for the parents, and one for each scholar), Schoology (our digital classroom environment), and grade-specific digital resources.
  • Parents will be enrolled in an orientation course in Schoology, and have some activities to complete with the scholar.
  • Parents will then need to contact the Principal to set up or attend a regularly scheduled Orientation Class (via Google Hangouts).
  • The principal will contact the scholar’s teacher, so that they can set up a meeting with you.

Leman Virtual Academy will provide families with all core curriculum texts (both print and digital), access to digital programs, and a grade level teacher who will provide lessons, virtual meetings, assignments and grades. Families will be responsible for providing a computer (desktop, laptop, or chromebook) and internet access, grade level Novels (4th through 8th Grade), and may find it beneficial to purchase some supplemental resources (such as the Usborne Science Encyclopedia).