Leman Virtual Academy - Arizona

Leman Virtual Academy

Leman Virtual Academy (LVA) is a new Endeavor that was built out of a demand from the home school community in Arizona. Many families that are in the home school community enrolled in a Leman Academy campus but missed aspects of the home school life. The creation of Leman Virtual Academy addressed a need for these families and others that are drawn to the teachings of Dr. Leman and particularly like the rigor of a Classical Education program.

“Keep the parents out of the schools and leave the teaching to the professionals” is too often the public school mentality when it comes to having parents involved with the education of their child. The Leman Academy of Excellence will open its doors to allow parents a more active role in the life of their child both at school and in the home, which according to research findings, has proven to enhance scholarly achievement. Quite simply, scholar’s attendance in school is higher, they learn more and perform better in school and when parents are actively involved scholars achieve more, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnic/racial background or parents’ educational level. Finally, for our campus families and the home school community, when parents are involved in their child’s education, the performance of all the young children at school not just their own, tends to improve. The more comprehensive and well planned the partnership between school and home the higher the scholar’s achievement. Leman Academy of Excellence believes in partnering with the home knowing the significant role parents play for their child to reach their full potential in life.

In 2017, the State of Arizona authorized Leman Virtual Academy to begin enrollment, starting in the summer. At this time, only Arizona scholars can enroll in the LVA system. In August of 2018, the State of Colorado authorized Leman Academy to enroll scholars into the LVA-Colorado program. Each State we have been authorized in have nuances that affect our role and the role of the home school parent. We would be happy to walk through the various State requirements and our role as your home school.

In Arizona, an enrolled LVA family will be given the support and resources’ needed to instruct their scholar in a home setting. There are time and attendance reporting criteria that can be achieved from the home or from our labs. We are managing your scholars learning path so we do internal bench mark assessments throughout the year and our LVA scholars will take the AzMERIT exam.