Requirements for Enrollment

Leman Virtual Academy

Leman Virtual Academy is a full K-8 virtual school in Arizona. Functioning under the same requirements and laws with respect to other public schools. Admission processes, quality instruction, special educational services and other policies mirror our traditional brick and mortar campuses.

Leman Virtual Academy will require the completion of a short Internet Safety course, appropriate for each age, to be completed by both the student and the parent at the beginning of each school year. These 30 to 90 minute courses will review:

  • Introduction to Internet Safety
  • Creating and Protecting Strong Passwords
  • Your Browser’s Safety features
  • Avoiding Spam and Phishing
  • How to Avoid Malware
  • Safe Online Shopping
  • Understanding Browser Tracking
  • Social Media Privacy Basics
  • Staying Safe from Online Predators
  • Cyberbullying and Cyber harassment
  • Using Social Networks Safely
  • Understanding File-Sharing networks
  • Mobile device safety

Quizzes within the lessons will reinforce the learning and confirm completion. All families will be provided with additional references and resources including a “Five Free Ways to Protect Your Kids Online” resource. Access to knowledgeable staff to assist families and address concerns will always be available. The lessons emphasize the need to report issues and identifies staff and family resources for students.

LAE campuses accessed by online students for computer usage will only provide filtered computers. Parents will receive recommendations for appropriate filters (such as Barracuda) to be maintained on their personal devices. Virus scanning software will also be present on LAE computers should students attempt to upload files on campus. Similar software will be recommended to parents.

Scholar Research Online
Links within courseware will continuously reviewed and updated. The courseware will occasionally direct the student outside of school’s online site for access to additional information. The sites linked will be regularly reviewed by the staff. Students and parents are encouraged to use additional sources for the lessons while maintaining good internet safety practices and installing filter protection on personal devices.