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Leman Academy of Excellence Enrichment Program

Tuition-Free Classical Education Support and Enrichment for Homeschool Families.

Leman Academy of Excellence is committed to partnering with our community both on campus, and at home. Recognizing that families make the choice to homeschool for a variety of reasons, we want to support your efforts by providing an Enrichment Program that brings home the excellence of a classical education and combines it with interactive classes at our Parker campus.

Once a week, homeschoolers will gather to participate exclusively with other homeschoolers in enrichment activities and creative lessons designed and taught by highly qualified teachers to complement our rich curriculum that we offer tuition-free for your homeschooling needs.

The Tuition-Free, Leman Academy of Excellence Enrichment Program provides the following support for homeschool families:

  • Classical Curriculum
    • Scope and Sequence
    • Print and Digital Resources
    • Access to Certified Teachers for support
    • Benchmark Assessments
    • No required State Testing
  • On-Campus Activities (2 options)
    • One Day a week exclusively with other Homeschoolers
      • Socratic Seminars
      • Science Labs
      • Academic Lessons
      • Specials: Art, Music, PE
    • Dual Enrollment with Brick-and-Mortar Scholars
      • Take some classes on campus
        • Such as art, music, P.E., history, and/or science, based on the availability of seats
      • Use our curriculum at home

The Leman Academy of Excellence Enrichment Program is not the same as our Leman Virtual Academy in Arizona. Leman Virtual Academy (AZ) is a public virtual charter school, while the LAE Enrichment Program (CO) offers support to homeschool families in the Denver Metropolitan Area, and is not a distance learning program. Colorado Department of Education

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