We are delighted in your interest in online learning.

Our Colorado Enrichment Program offers the same rigorous, values-based classical curriculum as in our brick-and-mortar schools.

Learning beyond classroom walls

Leman Academy of Excellence is a tuition-free charter school based on the Classical Education model. Leman Academy willingly engages parents in the educational process by promoting the parent-teacher-student relationship to bring out the best in the child.

Our Tuition-free Classical Education Charter School, built around the philosophies of nationally renowned family psychologist and author, Dr. Kevin Leman, is now available at home through our Enrichment Program.

Leman Academy Enrichment Program offers:

The Tuition-Free, Leman Academy of Excellence Enrichment Program provides the following support for homeschool families:

  • Classical Curriculum
    • Scope and Sequence
    • Print and Digital Resources
    • Access to Certified Teachers for support
    • Benchmark Assessments
    • No required State Testing
  • On-Campus Activities (2 options)
    • One Day a week exclusively with other Homeschoolers
      • Socratic Seminars
      • Science Labs
      • Academic Lessons
      • Specials: Art, Music, PE
    • Dual Enrollment with Brick-and-Mortar Scholars
      • Take some classes on campus
        • Such as art, music, P.E., history, and/or science, based on the availability of seats
      • Use our curriculum at home

The Leman Academy of Excellence Enrichment Program is not the same as our Leman Virtual Academy in Arizona. Leman Virtual Academy (AZ) is a public virtual charter school, while the LAE Enrichment Program (CO) offers support to homeschool families in the Denver Metropolitan Area, and is not a distance learning program. Colorado Department of Education

Colorado Enrichment Program

Welcome to Leman Academy's Enrichment Program where we take learning beyond the classroom walls. This program provides families with a classical education that is tuition-free, rigorous, and founded on the Virtues and Values in the philosophies of nationally renowned family psychologist and author, Dr. Kevin Leman.

We are committed to building relationships with scholars and parents, encouraging a passion for learning, and providing a rigorous and challenging curriculum that exceeds the expectations of local and other online schools.

Serving Colorado (beginning in 2018), Leman Academy's Enrichment Program blends digital resources, classical literature, and traditional curriculum in a unique and adaptive program designed to meet the needs of our scholars, and to prepare them for the next step on their educational journey.

The primary benefits expressed in survey responses was free access to LEA's Classical Virtual Curriculum, pacing guides for each subject, and detailed syllabi for each novel. Enrichment activities that most families indicated would be helpful include Socratic discussion of poems, practicing recitations to fellow scholars, Spanish, discussion of virtue, and building a physical timeline together. So, we will do our best to include such opportunities in our program for your scholars!

Our objective is to design our program in away that will benefit as many families such as yours as possible each year. Toward this end, please expect to share your thoughts each semester through surveys like this one.

To receive access to LAE's Classical Virtual Curriculum and participation in LAE programming, scholars must be present on our campus for 90 hours per semester, which averages at 8 hours per week. Because we plan to offer 12 hours on campus, this will give your family some flexibility and the ability to make up missed hours from one week to the next, so long as at least 90 hours are completed in person with us by the end of the semester.

As much as we can, we will seek to adjust and improve our program in response to your needs and desires each year going forward together.