Leman Virtual Academy

All the curriculum, training programs, research tools, assessments and discussions can be found through our online portal. Leman Academy is a Google School and the ability to create and share across the Google platform has allowed us to fully embrace technology in a Classic School model. If your family is near one of our campuses, we have made spaces for your scholar to come in and use our equipment and receive one on one tutoring and instruction. If your family is not near a campus, we have the ability to manage most if not all of your issues or questions virtually.

Part of joining our program includes online safety classes to ensure proper use of the internet as a technology tool. All our scholars and parents will be assigned an email so that you can access and communicate using all our internal systems.

Inside of our curriculum program, we will host nation wide Socratic discussions on some of the rich deep novels your scholar will be reading. Using video conferencing technology we can now link classroom scholars with LVA students to share and discuss the big ideas that the kids are collectively learning. Imagine having the top instructors, skilled in the fine art of Socratic discussion leading your home school child and his or her peers through an deep and engaging discussion.