New 2022-2023 Drop-Off and Pick-Up Plan

  • All Vehicles must use a Placard (please COLLECT additional placards for multiple cars)
  • These will be helpful as we get to know families, to help assist in Transition, and to help us make sure your kids get in the right cars
  • Please drive with caution on campus in a Counterclockwise direction.

Click here to watch the 2022-2023 drop off/pick up video

Families with Siblings

  • Please plan to arrive towards the end of the Pick-Up window for your oldest sibling.
  • Siblings may be dropped off together or separately.
  • Pick Up all 1st -8th Grade siblings at the OLDEST Scholar’s Location and Time
  • Use your oldest scholars' Pick Up Placard color. All Siblings of a Kinder Scholar will be picked up at Yellow (Siblings will transition inside the building and come out together)