After School Programs

Mesa, Arizona



The following programs are not part of our regular instructional program covered by state funding and therefore have fees attached as they are additional programs offered by Leman Academy:

  • Extended After School Program 
  • Champions See the After School Programs tab for more information regarding the program & curriculum, pricing, FAQs and hours.
  • After School Clubs

Extended After School Program

Leman Academy of Excellence is partnering with Champions as a third-party service provider for ROYAL families on our campus.

Fun, safe, and convenient extended school day programs right at your school for the school year! Every day, kids have time to play, explore their interests, do hands-on activities, get homework help, and relax. We take care of everything, so scholars can make the most of their time at school and with family in the evening.

For more information regarding the programs & curriculum, pricing, FAQs and hours of service beyond Leman Academy's school day, click the links below.

Champions' Area Manager contact info:

Nicole Johnson
Area Manager