We are delighted in your interest in online learning.

Our Virtual Academy offers the same rigorous, values-based classical curriculum as in our brick-and-mortar schools.

Learning beyond classroom walls

Leman Academy of Excellence is a tuition-free charter school based on the Classical Education model. Leman Academy willingly engages parents in the educational process by promoting the parent-teacher-student relationship to bring out the best in the child.

Our Tuition-free Classical Education Charter School, built around the philosophies of nationally renowned family psychologist and author, Dr. Kevin Leman, is now available at home through our Virtual Academy.

Virtual Academy offers:

  • The same rigorous, values-based classical curriculum as in our brick-and-mortar schools
  • Flexible location and academic scheduling throughout the week
  • Opportunities to meet with other scholars
    • Science Enrichment
    • Art Enrichment
    • On-campus athletic and club opportunities
  • Regular video conferencing with teachers
  • We accept and work with scholars who have or need IEP's and 504c plans


  • In 2017, the State of Arizona authorized Leman Virtual Academy to begin enrollment. Currently, only Arizona scholars can enroll in the LVA system.
  • Enrolled LVA families will be given the support and resources needed to co-facilitate their scholar in a virtual learning setting.
  • Scholar time and attendance reporting requirements are an integral part of Leman Virtual Academy.
  • Scholars learning is assessed through internal bench mark testing throughout the school year. Scholars will also take the AzMERIT exam.