We are delighted in your interest in online learning.

Our Virtual Academy offers the same rigorous, values-based classical curriculum as in our brick-and-mortar schools.

Learning beyond classroom walls

Leman Academy of Excellence is a tuition-free charter school based on the Classical Education model. Leman Academy willingly engages parents in the educational process by promoting the parent-teacher-student relationship to bring out the best in the child.

Our Tuition-free Classical Education Charter School, built around the philosophies of nationally renowned family psychologist and author, Dr. Kevin Leman, is now available at home through our Virtual Academy.

Leman Virtual Academy offers:

  • The same rigorous, values-based classical curriculum as in our brick-and-mortar schools
  • Flexible academic scheduling
  • Opportunities to meet on campus with other scholars
    • Science labs
    • Math enrichment
    • The Arts
    • Athletics
  • Regular video conferencing with teachers
  • Confidence in knowing Scholars will be prepared

Learn More by State

In 2017, the State of Arizona authorized Leman Virtual Academy to begin enrollment, starting in the summer. At this time, only Arizona scholars can enroll in the LVA system. Each State we have been authorized in have nuances that affect our role and the role of the home school parent. We would be happy to walk through the various State requirements and our role as your home school.

In Arizona, an enrolled LVA family will be given the support and resources’ needed to instruct their scholar in a home setting. There are time and attendance reporting criteria that can be achieved from the home or from our labs. We are managing your scholars learning path so we do internal bench mark assessments throughout the year and our LVA scholars will take the AzMERIT exam.

Visit Leman Virtual Academy - Online School Arizona.

Welcome to Leman Academy's Enrichment Program where we take learning beyond the classroom walls. This program provides families with a classical education that is tuition-free, rigorous, and founded on the Virtues and Values in the philosophies of nationally renowned family psychologist and author, Dr. Kevin Leman.

We are committed to building relationships with scholars and parents, encouraging a passion for learning, and providing a rigorous and challenging curriculum that exceeds the expectations of local and other online schools.

Serving Colorado (beginning in 2018), Leman Academy's Enrichment Program blends digital resources, classical literature, and traditional curriculum in a unique and adaptive program designed to meet the needs of our scholars, and to prepare them for the next step on their educational journey. Interested in learning more?

In other States, our goal is to be able to provide your family with the full suite of classes by grade for almost all the same subjects our scholars on a campus are taking. Since we are not authorized in all states, we hope to make this curriculum, the pacing and support programs available to you on a subscription basis. Our LVA team would be available to support you and with our Home School Family Professional Development program opening a world of top notch professional development classes directed to our home instructors. The home school instruction courses are the same classes that our teachers take in our campus. The classes cover the deeper aspects of classical education as well as scholar learning, classroom management and Dr. Leman’s unique classroom discipline programs. These classes are included with all our curriculum offerings and are available à la carte to all our families.