After School Programs

Sierra Vista, Arizona


The following program is not part of our regular instructional program covered by state funding and therefore have fees attached as they are additional programs offered by Leman Academy:

  • After Bell Program

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Extended After School Program

Leman Academy of Excellence is partnering with Champions as a third-party service provider for ROYAL families on our campus.

Fun, safe, and convenient extended school day programs right at your school for the school year! Every day, kids have time to play, explore their interests, do hands-on activities, get homework help, and relax. We take care of everything, so scholars can make the most of their time at school and with family in the evening.

For more information regarding the programs & curriculum, pricing, FAQs and hours of service beyond Leman Academy's school day, click the links below.

Champions' Contact:

Keri Craig, Director


Vision & Goals

The After Bell program at Leman Academy of Excellence will provide activities that support the following goals:

  • To provide a safe, nurturing, and fun learning environment for children after regular school hours.
  • To promote positive development of self in each child.
  • To provide and encourage the love of literacy.
  • To provide supervised free choice activities.
  • To provide fine and gross motor activities on a daily basis.
  • To provide a quiet, supervised academic session.

Contact Information

Parents may contact the After Office between 12:00pm and 6:00pm at 520-352-7780 to address any concerns or situations needing attention. A conference will be scheduled if deemed necessary.

After Bell Snacks

Please provide your child with an after school snack. Snacks can also be purchased online through the Leman Academy of Excellence food vendor.

The After Bell program is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services Office of Child Care Licensure.

After Bell Schedule

2:25 - 3:10pm Check In/Snack Time in Cafeteria
3:10 - 3:15pm Transitions to Classroom
3:15 - 4:00pm Homework/Quiet Activities
4:00 - 4:30pm Outdoor Activities
4:30 - 5:15pm Teacher Directed Activities
5:15 - 5:30pm Evening Transition
5:30 - 6:00pm Child’s choice of activities/Gymnasium

Club Activities: If your child is in a club or class led by an approved Leman vendor, these classes may start between 3:15-4:00pm, depending on the program. Our After Bell staff or vendor staff will coordinate getting your child to and from the classes or club if he/she should sign up.

Description of Activities And Educational Programs

Homework Period: A quiet time in which scholars independently complete as much homework for the day as possible. The staff member’s job is to give assistance to scholars, however, it is not a tutoring session.

Table Games: Used for recreational/relaxation purposes. Scholars are assisted in selection games that are age appropriate. Socialization and group play skills are encouraged.

Organized Sports: A game that has a set of rules known to all participants. These sports include: basketball, soccer, kickball and gym based sports.

Movies: Shown on our early dismissal days or on rainy days. All movies are educational or recreational in nature and will carry a “G” or “PG” rating. If you wish to opt out of the “PG” movies, just notify us with the program. We will have another activity for your child to participate in.

Recess: A time when scholars may engage in physical activities of their own choosing, such as tag, jump rope, or gym based sports. The field, outdoor play area or gym are used for this activity. Scholars must remain in control during this ‘free play’.

Arrival and Departure Procedure

Scholar will be escorted to the After Bell program by a teacher or, as age appropriate, report to the cafeteria to be admitted into the program. Scholars will sign-in at the attendance table. Attendance will be taken by After Bell staff when transitioning to their classroom.

Parents will park in the lot located on the side (north) portion of Leman Academy. Parents will walk into the cafeteria and sign out their child from the After Bell program. If an unrecognized person is to pick up your scholar(s) be prepare to show picture ID to After Staff. The ID will be verified against the ‘Approved for Scholar Pick Up’ list on file with the school office. If you are sending someone NOT on the approved pick up list, please make arrangements with the front office PRIOR to scholar pick up.

Scholar must be picked up by 6:00 pm. Late fees will accrue after 6:00 pm ($20 per scholars and $1 per minute starting at 6:01 p.m.). Parents who are late picking up their scholar(s) more than three times during the course of a month may face being dropped from the After Bell program.

If your scholar is ‘left’ at the school past 6:30 pm and the school has not been notified of proper arrangements for pick up, we are authorized to call the Marana City Police Department to escort your scholar home.


The After Bell Program operates on days when Leman Academy is in session. The After Bell Program may will provide Camps during Fall, Spring and Summer Breaks. Camp notices and information will be posted in advance and placed in the Leman Academy of Excellence newsletter.


It is in the best interest of your scholar and the other scholars if you keep your scholar at home when he or she is ill. Scholars with fever, diarrhea, vomiting will not be admitted to the program. If a scholar becomes ill while at the program, the parent will be called immediately to pick up the child. Parents will be notified regarding contagious illnesses. Scholars will be readmitted when they are 24 hours symptom free.


In accordance with state law, we will not dispense any medication to any scholar without advanced written consent from the parent or guardian. Prescription medication may be given only to the scholar for whom it is prescribed. NO over the counter medication will be administered to any scholar. The parent must complete and have on file at the main office a “Parent Permission to Administer Medication” form.


Scholars are expected to behave in a manner consistent with the code of conduct policy found in the Leman Academy of Excellence Parent/Scholar Handbook. Positive reinforcement is the main form of discipline aside from the guidelines for behavior established in the Parent/Scholar Handbook.

Parents may set up a meeting with the program Director to discuss individual needs and concerns. We plan to use a consistent, positive approach including redirection, diversion and
separation, with an eye toward promoting self discipline.

Discipline Policy

  1. First Offense: Director/Scholar conference
  2. Second Offense: Director/Parent/Scholar conference
  3. Third Offense: Suspension from the program
  4. Fourth Offense Dropped from the program